What Repels Gnats?


Vinegar repels gnats, so you can dilute some in a spray bottle and spray gnat clouds or treat outdoor areas prone to gnats. Some research also suggests that carrying a scented dryer sheet in your pocket helps keep gnats away from you.
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Place a small juice glass or baby food jar with 2 oz of vinegar and a couple of drops of liquid dish washing soap in it wait a few days and look thought the bottom of the glass, you
Repellent flowers hold natural insect-repelling properties. Not only are they decorative, but they can deter insects from coming near your home if you use them correctly. Lavender
Check out this website, it has pictures of different kinds of gnats. www.gardensafari.net/english/mosquitoes
There are many. Where I live there is a wild herb called Ocimum canum, a type of wild basil which works if you use a large amount of it, still green and rub it on your skin. Sleeping
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Gnats can be a hassle, especially during the summer months when people are out near lakes. Wearing repellent that has DEET in it will protect you best while outside. When you are in inside, woven window screens can keep the tiny gnats out of your home. You can find more info at: www.getridofthings.com
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