What’s the quality of wifi voip?

I know people were talking a few years back about how wifi voip was going to be the next big thing, but I haven’t really heard anything since. Can you use voip over wifi now? What’s the quality like? Would you recommend using voip in this fashion, or is it still better to be connected via Ethernet?


Michael Odom (Information Technology Consultant)
I have VOIP over WIFI running in my house on an internal system. But at the same time, I am running Wireless-N w/ QoS, Multi-casting, Extended Antennas and a 300Mbps speed. The quality is good, until I start to loose signal strength at farther distances from the access point. I have also seen VOIP used on mobile phones connected to WIFI with good success. I've never had the opportunity to play with something like that, but the technology is there. Maybe I'll load a VOIP app on my BB.

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Hope this helps and have fun playing with the technology. Oh and it will always be better to plug your VOIP into a LAN. Hands down!
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Leah Spitz (Business VoIP Consultant, PingTone Communications)
With VoIP, you will always be able to better ensure the quality of the call with a wired connection. Now, from experience, I used to work for a byob (bring your own bandwidth) hosted VoIP provider and had an X-Lite softphone setup on my laptop. I used it many times wirelessly though cable and Fios connections and experienced excellent quality on all of my calls. As mentioned above, it also depends on what else that WiFi connection is supporting. As long as your connection exceeds the amount of bandwidth needed for the VoIP calls (usually around 42k per each simultaneous call), I think you should be fine. If this is for a workplace, I would recommend setting up a dedicated WiFi connection just for your voice traffic. I also recently tried out Cisco's new WiFi phone in my workplace and the quality was excellent as well. If you need any recommendations on softphones or IP phones, please feel free to contact me.
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