What's Wrong with My Refrigerator?


There could be many things wrong with your refrigerator. If it is not cooling, the compressor fan may be malfunctioning. If it is making a vibrating noises, the condenser coils may need tightening.
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If you suddenly notice the refrigerator has been quiet for a while, and the fresh food compartment is getting warmer, the first thing to do is check the power supply. Perhaps the
Depending on what type of unit you are asking about, top mount or side by side there are many different problems to look for. If top mount check for freezer fan running, and frost
It is one of two things. 1. The unit is out of freon due to a compressor leak/breakage. This can not be fixed and you need a new frig. 2. This sounds odd, but it happened to me. Take
A most common causes of a "leaking" fridge isn't a leak at
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