What Scale Are Matchbox Cars?


The scale of matchbox cars will vary depending on what type of car is being discussed. The smaller of the cars will be 1:64 in size while the larger of the cars is 1:43 in size.
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1/64th, I think.
1. Drill out the rivets to disassemble the vehicle. Once they are removed, the car will come apart easily. 2. Soak the car in paint stripper until all the paint is removed. Only the
1. Find an empty matchbox. Ad. 2. Stick a eraser on the top of the matchbox. This will work as the car's roof and interior area. 3. Use bottle caps for the wheels. Stick on the bottle
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For the matchbox cars, the smaller 1:64 scale cars measures 2. 5 inches, whereas the bigger 1:43 scale version measures 3. 5 inches. The bigger variety is marketed more as a collectible since they carry the design characteristics of the real car in great detail.
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