What Scents Deter Mice?


Having trouble with mice? The solution is easy, all you need is to have fabric softener. It seems that mice do not like the clean, sweet smell of fabric softeners so if you would like less mice inside your home, you only need fabric softeners to make them go away for good.
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Imagine you're a mouse and you want to stay alive. You certainly wouldn't go to an area that you knew contained some of your most fierce predators. That's the logic that some of the
There are chemical repellents out there to deter mice, but a simple natural way to do it is with peppermint. They do not like the smell of it. Soak some cotton balls with peppermint
Empty pet food dishes at night and keep all food items in glass jars, in metal
I saw a gardening show on HGTV featuring a segment on how to get rid of them. he host says that mites 'just happen' sometimes and there's no way to predict when or what plants might
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