What Scents Deter Mice?


Having trouble with mice? The solution is easy, all you need is to have fabric softener. It seems that mice do not like the clean, sweet smell of fabric softeners so if you would like less mice inside your home, you only need fabric softeners to make them go away for good.
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Function Imagine you're a mouse and you want to stay alive. You certainly wouldn't go to an area that you knew contained some of your most fierce predators. That's the logic that
2 tbsp. of cayenne pepper. 2 tbsp. of hot sauce. 2 tbsp. of chili powder. 1 tbsp. of Murphy's Oil soap. 1 qt. of warm water. Mix these ingredients in a bucket, then pour the mixture
Any scent that smells “off” will repel mice, such as bleach or naphthalene from mothballs. Bad scents will only get mice to move 20 or 30 feet though. Consider using traditional
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A scent that repels mice is cayenne pepper. More scents that repel mice are peppermint and cloves. Ammonia is another good one. ...
Mice are a common problem that many people have, and most times, people are looking for cheap and effective ways to deter mice from getting in their home. According ...
Yes, mothballs will keep mice away. Mothballs are also helpful in deterring deer, squirrels, rabbits, and rats. Just lay out the mothballs in various places ...
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