What Scents Deter Mice?


Having trouble with mice? The solution is easy, all you need is to have fabric softener. It seems that mice do not like the clean, sweet smell of fabric softeners so if you would like less mice inside your home, you only need fabric softeners to make them go away for good.
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First you need to purchase a box of dryer sheets. Now you need to locate where the mice are entering your house. Mice most commonly enter through small holes in the siding or cracks
1 Get a cat and a little dog; keep vermin away, companionship, alarm . 2 Ultrasonic Pest repeller 3 traps 4 buckets with water
Empty pet food dishes at night and keep all food items in glass jars, in metal
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A scent that repels mice is cayenne pepper. More scents that repel mice are peppermint and cloves. Ammonia is another good one. ...
Mice are a common problem that many people have, and most times, people are looking for cheap and effective ways to deter mice from getting in their home. According ...
Deer protects itself from predators by use of scent, antlers and hooves. The first protective instinct of a deer is to mark its territory. This is how it deters ...
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