What Seed Does a Leaf Produce?


Sunflower seeds come from the center of sunflowers. Botanically the seeds are actually fruits. This plant is popular for its attractive large yellow flowers and seeds. Small ones produce about 800 seeds and the larger ones 2000.
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Samaras are dry, indehiscent fruits that bear a wing. The wing may be limb-like as with maples, or flat and wafer-like. All species of maples have a unique samara arrangement with
Grass seed is grown just like any other crop. The grass is planted in fields, and once they have come to seed, the seeds are then harvested by machinery and packaged for resale.
The first leaf or one of a pair of leaves produced by the embryo of a seed plant. In many dicots such as marigolds, the emerging shoot lifts the two cotyledons above ground, where
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Answer: A leaf usually consists of a flattened blade and a petiole, which c... ...
It is called a. cotyledon. I'm not to sure about the definition, but I bet you could look it up. ...
A leaf is an above-ground plant organ that is specialised for the process of photosynthesis. It is a food producing organ and it absorbs some of the energy in ...
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