What should I do for my birthday?


There are various things you can do for your birthday like organize a spa day, either at a local spa or at home, or you can even order pizzas, watch some DVDs with a couple of your friends or family. Other than that you can also organize a party and invite most of your close friends and have fun with party games.
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Many families create their own birthday traditions for their kids. They include allowing the birthday child to select a special meal for dinner or photographing him/her in front of the same object year after year to chart his/her growth. Some families take birthdays as a day to give thanks to their mother for giving birth to them, and they do this by giving her a present.
You should do something fun and memorable on your birthday. Whatever your idea of fun is will work just fine, take lots of pictures so that you can remember your special day for the rest of your life.
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