What Should Women Wear to a Black Tie Event?


What a woman wears in black tie event depends on when the event takes place .A casual evening or informal party allows the woman to wear dressy trousers. One can wear a cocktail dress and some jewellery.
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Black tie means that men must wear tuxedo attire, no exceptions. Women have a bit more flexibility, though, at such events. Any nice outfit with just about any length of skirt will work. Dressier suits and silk pants and beaded or sequined tops work well also. While silks and satins are good for women in a black tie context, almost any nice medium to lightweight woven or stretchy fabric works well.
A black tie event can require different forms of dress. In a black tie event , a lady can wear a cocktail dress which is on or just below the Knee. One can also wear jewellery but do not overdo it.
Black-tie means very formal dress. Look for full-length skirts and dresses; lengths that hover around the knee are usually considered semiformal. Remember that your dress options are unlimited. Consider spaghetti straps or a jewel-neck collar; a plunging back or a revealing front neckline; and side or back slits. Some events may call for more conservative attire, so consider this when making your selection.
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