What Should You Do When Caring for a Terminally Ill Patient Who Is Unconscious?


When caring for a terminally ill patient who is unconscious, you should immediately call an ambulance. While the ambulance is on their way to retrieve the patient, you should check the patient's pulse and roll them over to their back-side very gently while supporting the neck. In my opinion, you should seek immediate medical assistance when dealing with anyone who has lost consciousness.
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1. Offer to listen and hear what the patient has to say. Avoid being judgmental, and prepare to hear a variety of emotions, including anger and frustration. 2. Ask the patient what
To explore what factors influence decisions around the place of care for terminally ill cancer patients in a rural area in West Highland, Scotland. DESIGN: This was a descriptive,
1 Volunteer. By becoming a volunteer it can help to prepare you for when the time may come and you may lose a loved one. It is never easy losing a loved one. By being a volunteer
Most any doctor can treat a terminally ill patient. It can be your family doctor or a specialist for whatever disease is causing the problem, like an oncologist for a dying cancer
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