Decimal to Fraction Calculator?


I have not found a site or a calculator that lets you mix fractions and decimals but a fraction can easily be changed into a decimal by dividing the top number of the fraction by the bottom number of the fraction. This can be done on most calculator sites and hand held calculators.
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1. Write the decimal down, then divide it by the number 1. For example, if you have the decimal 0.55, draw a line beneath it to show "divided by, then place a 1 underneath to
If the calculator has special keys for calculations with fractions, entering a fraction and pressing the fraction key again normally works - but in any case, you can check the manual
Not all decimals can we written as fractions. For example, any irrational numbers (such as pi) cannot be written as a fraction. Assuming you are referring to rational numbers only
Take the decimal and divide it by 1. ChaCha again soon!
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