What Size Is the Sun?


The sun is huge. The sun is 109 times the size of Earth which means 109 Earth's could fit inside the sun. The sun has a diameter of 870,000 miles.
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The sun's diameter is approximately 1380000 km (1.38 x 10^9 m) about 110 times that of the Earth. It weighs about 2x10^30 kg.
The sun is a medium-sized yellow star. This means it has several billion years before it expands and envelops the earth.
Sun poisoning, often associated with sunburn, shows itself in skin blisters or a red rash over the surface of the skin that was exposed to the sun. The baby may develop a fever, be
The Sun's diameter is 864938 miles. This is 10 times larger than the planet
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The diameter of the Sun is 1,390,000 kilometers.
That is, the diameter of the Sun is about 109 times the Earth's diameter.
The Sun is 4.4 million kilometers in circumference. The Sun;s mass is equal to 333,000 times the mass of Earth. The Sun is the largest mass in our solar system.
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