What Size Is the Sun?


The sun is huge. The sun is 109 times the size of Earth which means 109 Earth's could fit inside the sun. The sun has a diameter of 870,000 miles.
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A sun is a giant ball of super-hot hydrogen and helium. It is also a star. Our sun provides light and heat to our planet, and is the center of the solar system.
The Sun's diameter is 1.4 million kilometers.
All of its energy will be transformed. The earth and life as we know it will be long gone from this planet when that happens. This is my belief.
The sun is about 1000,000,000,000
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The diameter of the Sun is 1,390,000 kilometers.
That is, the diameter of the Sun is about 109 times the Earth's diameter.
The Sun is 4.4 million kilometers in circumference. The Sun;s mass is equal to 333,000 times the mass of Earth. The Sun is the largest mass in our solar system.
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