What smells repel mice?


Mice are a common problem that many people have, and most times, people are looking for cheap and effective ways to deter mice from getting in their home. According to Thrifty Fun, where people post their own mice recipes, utilizing peppermint oil can kill mice and the smell will deter them. However, most people find that using moth balls in the areas in which they are entering is the best way to get rid of these mice for good.
Q&A Related to "What smells repel mice?"
peanut butter is especially good for attracting mice
It´s not what you can put in , it´s what you have to take out. Mice only live where there is a source of food . So even if your house is clean , they will still stay in
You might have to trap them & put them down. Coons will eat anything. Like the cayenne...don't count on that working. Go get some live traps & a .22 or call in a critter control
It doesn't kill 'em, but it does offer them pain if they come any closer, so they don't. The downside is needing a unit per range for each area (multiple units) and the power supply
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