What song has these lyrics?


Numerous websites are available online that can help users find specific lyrics and the song that they are from. Typing the parts of the lyrics that are known into Google may also provide results and give options for the song to which they may belong.

Some website options that feature search options where a user can type in the lyrics that they know include Find Music By Lyrics and LyricFind. A-Z Lyrics, which can be found at www.azlyrics.com, has a large database of songs and their full lyrics. This website can be a great resource for finding which specific lyrics are featured in which songs.

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Learning how to write song lyrics really isn't that difficult. The creative process can be tough at times, but there's always tips and tricks that can help break that writer's block
1. Go to Lyrster.com and type in a few words of the song that you remember in the top search box. Click "Find my Song. Lyrster will produce links to other Internet pages that
1. Get the song on. Turn on the radio, set your iPod to shuffle. Ad. 2. Really listen to the lyrics. Stereo Hearts is a good song to listen to. 3. Get into the beat. Rock your head,
Anything by the Tallest Man On Earth: Burden of Tomorrow "Oh I was sent to find the lonesome place Where I was lost but left to trace By carving riddles on the lonesome vine.
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To search a song by its lyrics, you will use a reverse lyrics search. Services are easy to use as you can put in one sentence or an entire verse. The service will ...
You can find the title of a song by lyrics online at websites such as ...
The lyrics "You can feel it coming back again / Like a roll of thunder chasing the wind" are the first two lines of the chorus from Live's "Lightning ...
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