What Sound Does a Camel Make?


Camels make several different sounds. They may bellow loudly, moan, groan, emit high-pitched bleats, and even roar.
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Camels can make a few different sounds. The sounds are groaning, hissing, bellows and roars. A camel can weigh as much as 1500 pounds and get as tall as 7 feet.
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Camels will make a few sounds from a roaring noise to a shriek like bleat, sort of like a sheep, but they can also moan like a tired dog. A growl probably means they are not happy
Camels make many sounds, including moaning and groaning sounds, high-pitched bleats, and loud bellows and roars. They also make a rumbling growl. Also called Nuzzing.
When they are in danger, they make a high-pitched, shrieking
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Camel's use noises such as moan, roars, bleats, bellows and rumbling groan as a form of communication. They are very vocal animals. The sounds they make communicate ...
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