What Sound Does a Fox Make?


Foxes make quite a few different sounds, everything from sharp beep-like noises to what people sometimes describe as similar to a hyena's laugh. While foxes cuddle with each other though, they purr!
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As with most canines such as dogs, wolves and coyotes, barking is the main sound they make to communicate to other canines and other animals. A fox's bark is a high yip, not unlike
The word "fox" has the short O vowel sound (aah)
From what I've heard of their music, it's based heavily around harmony singing. Some well-known groups from the past which strongly featured harmony between the (male) members would
Foxes make various sounds, including screams. Enjoy using ChaCha!
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What sound does a fox make?
A-hee-ahee ha-hee
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Foxes hear sounds using their extremely acute senses of hearing. At ranges of up to 160 feet, foxes are able to perceive up to 65,000Hz of sound. They are known ...
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