What Sport Involves Stones and a House?


Curling is the sport that involves stones and a house. The sport involves aiming of heavy granite stones at the end of an ice sheet. Curling involves two teams of four players each and is usually played indoors.
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You should look at Curling. I think that may be what you are talking about.
The sport in question is curling. The houses is the scoring area, which is marked by a circle, 12 feet in diameter, that contains three smaller concentric circles. A stone is the
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The sport that uses stones and a house is curling. Players slide stones cross an ice sheet. The target is called a house and is marked at the end of sheet. The ...
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Curling refers to a sport in which players slide stones across a sheet of ice towards a target area. It is related to boule, bowls and shuffleboard. It involves ...
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