What States Are Butterfly Knives Illegal in?


Butterfly knives are only legal in five states and they are NV, IN, MS, MO and NE. You might want to ask a police officer whether or not you can carry a butterfly knife in your particular state and what the specified length is.
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When butterfly knives are closed, their blades are completely concealed. They have two handles that counter-rotate around the tang that, when closed, cause the blades to be hidden
Switchblade = Push a button/lever, it does the rest. # Gravity knives =
It depends on what state you live in, but ballistic knives are illegal in all of the US.
I think it has more to do with the blade length, not the type of knife.
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California is one of the states in which butterfly knives are illegal. Specifically, illegality applies to knives which have blades that are more than two inches in length.
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Butterfly knives are illegal to use due to their dangerous qualities. Although it is not illegal to possess one, carrying it in public is an offense and so is ...
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