What states sell Everclear alcohol?


The majority of states sell Everclear alcohol. For example, New Jersey and New York sells this specific brand of liquor. Also, Florida, California and Idaho sell Everclear.
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There is a lower alcohol version of Everclear (aptly named Everclear
All states sell Everclear. (ok, maybe not utah, but do they even sell alcohol? There are several states that don't sell "full strength" everclear. These are Ohio, California
Everclear is usually the highest proof alcohol readily available (the actual alcohol content depends on the state; in states where it's allowed, Everclear is sold at 190 proof, which
Individual state excise acts. The sale of alcohol is a state subject, so you'll need to abide by the (often disparate) laws specific to each state. The legal drinking age varies by
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Everclear comes in different proofs. The 190 proof Everclear is sold all but 14 states. California, West Virginia, Virginia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Ohio, Washington, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Michigan, Maine, Iowa, and Florida do not sell 190 proof Everclear alcohol.
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