What Stores Carry LCR Dice Games?


To buy the Left Centre Right (LCR) Dice game, you can go to any Target store or shop online and have it delivered to you. Alternatively, you can shop on other online stores such as Amazon, eBay and Dicegames.
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just about any store that sells games might also have this game.
1. Pass out three chips or three coins to each player. Set aside the remaining chips or place them in the center of the table (called the “pot”) 2. Determine which player
You can find the Bowling Dice game online at Amazon.com or Ebay.com.
Call George and Company at (800) 553-0711 and they will tell you who is a local distributor. You didn't tell us where you live so it makes it difficult to recommend a store to you.
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Left Center Right Dice game is quite an addicting game. Sears and Target sell LCR Dice games. You can try any major toy stores as well. Another great place to look is a toy store with only learning toys.
I have found them at Target and Walmart. They usually run around $10.00 plus tax. I know that its about the same price if they were bought online but you have to pay the shipping fee also.
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