What Stores Sell Digital Pocket Scales?


There are plenty of online merchandisers which carry this product, including: Newegg.com, tmart.com, overstock.com and americanweigh.com. May general and super store also carry these items in their office and school supply sections. The only confirm-able sale locations for these scales are at Target, Walmart, and Sears. I would suggest buying it online because not only do you generally get a better price, but it also allows to browse through a small microcosm of different scales, allowing you to choose the right scale for you. Make sure you select the right scale for your needs because none of these locations have great return policies. The best you might get is store credit, and they don't hold more than one or two models.
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Bed, Bath & Beyond sells digital gram scales in their cooking
Your Target at 1871 N Main St in Walnut Creek, PH: (925) 979-0083,
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