What Stores Sell Ipecac Syrup?


You can find Ipecac syrup at many drugstores. Walgreens and Rite Aid sells the product. You can also buy the product online at several different stores.
Q&A Related to "What Stores Sell Ipecac Syrup?"
You can't buy ipecac in the drugstore. In case of poisoning, call the poison center
The classification of Ipecac syrup is an emetic. That means it makes you throw up.
General Before administering drug for acute poisoning management in a medically unsupervised setting (e.g., at home), contact a poison control center (800-222-1222), emergency medical
Syrup of ipecac is an emetic (an agent used to cause vomiting) made from the dried root of a plant called ipecacuanha, which is grown in Brazil.
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