What stores sell litmus paper?


You can purchase litmus paper online from Amazon.com or from Johnson test papers who have been manufacturing various test papers since the early 1940s and are used all over the world in schools, laboratories and specialist industry.
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Nobody sells! Litmus Paper. locally near you anymore. Why? Because, we as a society put our heads up our cabooses and want to rely on the internet. When we quit supporting our local
The first recorded use of litmus dyes was by the Spanish alchemist Arnaldus de Villa Nova around 1300 AD. Litmus paper made with these dyes was probably invented in the early 1800s
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n. An unsized white paper impregnated with litmus and used as a pH or acid-base indicator.
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You can buy litmus paper at the Aromantic store, Supa Price, Johnsons Test Papers and Energise For Life. These stores offer litmus paper at a very affordable price ...
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