What Stores Sell Pop Rocks Candy?


Most retail and dollar stores sell Pop Rocks candy. Pop Rocks candy can also be found at many convenience stores.
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The candy melts and releases the bubbles with a loud POP! What
I think Walmart Neighborhood Mart has them, in bags, on the candy aisle. You could also try CVS or Walgreens. They're in those little bags that hang on the hooks, on the candy aisle
I buy at Menards. Farley's and Sathers bought Brach's. So at Menards $1.49 bags are Brach's too, they do not say so except on back of bag.
Orange. The Starburst brand was introduced by Mars in 1959, named by Peter Pfeffer in a competition that won him £5 as Opal Fruits.[1] The four original flavors were strawberry
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