What Stores Sell Waitress Aprons?


There are many different stores that sell waitress aprons. Restaurant supply stores are the most common places to find these aprons. Also, some super stores will sell them in their kitchen supply sections.
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You can buy numerous styles of aprons through Amazon.com. You can also make your own apron
I'm sure that grocery stores have them like walmart, target, or meijer, but Williams and Sonoma definatley have some
Most towns have second hand shops, Good Will and The Salvation Army are some examples. Re-sale shops can be found in larger cities and are another good place. Try antique stores or
There are a few, I gave them as Christmas gifts to my hard to buy for BBQ king friends. You'll find them at Bed Bath & Beyond, Linen's N Things, BBQs Galore, Cost Plus World Market
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