What substances make up the sides of the DNA ladder?


The two substances that make up the sides of the DNA ladder are known as deoxyribose and phosphate. The sides of the DNA ladder may also be referred to as the backbone of the DNA strand.
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DNA is made of an alternating phosphate and sugar molecules in a linked
It has a sugar phosphate backbone and they are connected by nucleotide pairs: adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine. "A" double bonds with "T" and "C"
The Two Substances are Phosphoric acid and saccharide.
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When studying biology, a student may be required to know what the sides of the DNA ladder are made of. The answer is simple in that they are made up of sugar and ...
DNA is what encodes our genetic material and makes us unique. What makes up the sides of the ladder of a DNA molecule are nitrogenous bases. They are adenine, ...
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