What Surveying Observations Does a Contractor Need to Lay a 36in Diameter Pipe?


It all depends on what state you are working in. If you are in Alaska you must hire a professional licensed Land Surveyor. They would perform all surveying, staking, and recording data. Personnel have to be hired directly by the surveyor. You can find more information here: http://www.muni.org/Departments/project_management/Documents/Division%2055%20-%20Rev%201%20-%20Salmon.pdf
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like in any Civil Engineering project , its mainly the NGL (natural ground level) after that the qty survey is done once the C.L of the pipeline is chosen (designed) according to
well we can measure it by using limwell stick and kenneth bogo, tagsip lols tigao batig face hahahahahahaha bully man ni doh.
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