What Temperature Should a Tropical Fish Tank Be at?


The temperature of a tropical fish tank is usually between 22°C to 26°C. However, the temperatures generally depend on the fish species in the tank because different species require different temperatures. It is therefore, advisable to research the fish one is interested in keeping beforehand.
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72-78 degrees. FAHRENHEIT! you need to stipulate scale! the novice may think you mean celcius. btw it's ignorant to ignore such a section of the world's populace! no offense. ^ 72
1. Healthy, colorful tropical fish are a joy to raise. Provide oxygen. A very necessary part of being an aquarist is to make sure you are providing enough oxygen to the water in your
It depends on the fish in question. The average range would be between 72-78 F. Talk to your supplier!
There is no one definitive answer. All fish have different requirememnts for a comfort zone. Most fish on the other hand have overlap so if you pick the right fish, they all can find
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The temperature of your tropical fish tank should be between 22 and 29 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the tank should be maintained and monitored regularly using a thermometer and a heater. A tropical fish aquarium is one of the easiest to start and maintain, as it can be started without any prior experience of fish keeping.
Majority of tropical fish live within temperatures of 24 to 25oC, although there are variations when it comes to specific species. Lower temperatures can cause sluggishness and ill health while higher ones may lead to inability to breathe. Fish which have different temperatures should not be put together.
Tropical fish require a normal maintenance temperature between approx. 22-29oC (72-84oF), with many species being kept at a 'middle value' of 24-25oC (75-77oF). Maintaining a stable temperature (and more importantly avoiding rapid changes) is vital to avoid stressing fish.
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