What the Yearly Income of a Tattoo Artist?


An experienced tattooist could earn ?30,000 to ?60,000 a year.
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The average hourly wage for a tattoo artist is $100 dollars, according to a 2011 WSFA News article. Artists in the top ten percent could charge a slightly higher average of $130 dollars
Tattoo artists can usually make about 40,000 a year. Owners of tattoo shops usually make about 100,000 a year.
As for business, it is gamble. It has a lot to do with your experience, how widely word of your shop spreads, where you open your shop, and so on. So it is quite hard to say. As for
If you are a manager in a tattoo parlor or run your own business about $78,748
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What Is the Yearly Income of a Tattoo Artist?
The yearly income of a tattoo artist varies depending upon years of experience, location, and employment status. Artists who work on a part-time basis or who work as an employee for a shop owner will typically see a lower annual income. Many tattoo... More »
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