What theme do you use for a January party?


There are a variety of themes one can use for a January party. Post-holiday parties are growing in popularity, and many people don't know what type of party to throw. However, "Forbes" suggests hosting a re-gifting party or even holding a game night with a few friends.

Holding a re-gifting party is an ideal way to continue the holiday festivities into the new year. Plenty of people receive gifts they may not want, and a re-gifting party is the perfect opportunity to give unwanted gifts to people who may enjoy them.

Hosting a game night for a few friends or family members is an ideal way to have a low-key get together without the stress involved in throwing an all-out party. "Real Simple" recommends holding a board game night or even a parlor game night. Basic finger foods and snacks are quick and easy to prepare for game nights.

Another option is to hold a movie night. Awards season starts in February, and holding a pre-Oscars party is the perfect way to watch current film nominations. Like game night, basic foods and snacks are ideal options for a movie night. For a more grown-up affair, hosts can consider serving homemade candy and popcorn, as well.

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What Theme Do You Use for a January Party?
January can be the bleakest month. The holidays are over, and the cold settles in with an endless procession of snow boots, layers of coats, mufflers, gloves, thin winter light and too-short days. It's the perfect time to have a party -- and there are... More »
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