What Things Cost in 1947?


In 1947, the prices of different items and services varied from one item to another. For example; the average cost of a new house $6,600.00, cost of a gallon of gas 15 cents, a car cost $1,500, and a loaf of bread cost 12 cents. Other things include Milk: 80 cents/gal and Postage Stamp: 3 cents.
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a 1947 sedan super deluxe 4 door cost $1248
Car: $1,500 Gasoline: 23 cents/gal House: $13,000 Bread: 12 cents/loaf Milk: 80
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What Things Cost in 1947
Average Prices in 1947
Car: $1,500
House: $13,000
Gas: $0.23
Bread: $0.12
Gallon of Milk: $0.80
Stamp: 3 cents
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The bread cost isUSD 0.13 cents 1947 of which in the UK was 0.836820 pence. ...
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In 1939, the following were the cost of things; Average Cost of new house £1,800.00, Average wages per year £900.00, Cost of a gallon of Gas 20 cents ...
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