What Things Cost in 1964?


In 1964, the cost of things was much lower as compared to their cost today. For instance, the price a loaf of bread was 0.15 pounds, the cost of a new car was 2100 pounds and a ticket to a movie costed 0.76 pounds. The average cost for a new house was about 7900 pounds.
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1. Use a classic car value guide or blue book, such as the NADA Guides website (see Resource section) Alternatively, you can look in the reference section of your local library for
In 1964, up until 1/6/68, a first class US postage stamp was 5 cents.
A 1946-1964 Roosevelt Dime is worth approximately $0.81. A 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is
My experience during Ultra 2012: waters and Red Bulls were $5 each, and Heineken beers (light or regular) were $7 each. Food was lower priced than mentioned above, with kebabs at
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What Things Cost in 1964
Average Prices in 1964
Car: $2,350
House: $20,500
Gas: $0.30
Bread: $0.21
Gallon of Milk: $1.06
Stamp: 4 cents
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