What Things Cost in 1977?


The cost of living in the UK in 1977 was dependent on the Yearly Inflation Rate which was at 15.8%.The Average House Price was at 13,650 pounds sterling and a gallon of petrol was at 0.79 pounds sterling. The Interest Rates Year End at the Bank of England was at 7.00 %.
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What Things Cost in 1977
Average Prices in 1977
Car: $5,814
House: $54,200
Gas: $0.64
Bread: $0.32
Gallon of Milk: $1.44
Stamp: 13 cents
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Some fun facts about what things cost in 1947 include average pay per year was $2,850, a new house cost $6,600, and gasoline was .15 cents a gallon. A loaf of bread was .13 cents.
That would depend on what make, model, automobile you are referring to. Some examples are: Alfa Romeo GTV $5,750 California 1974. American Motors Ambassador SST Sedan $3,722 1970.
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This question was fun for me to research, I was born in 1956. Of course I can't list everything. Here are a few examples: minimum wage $1.00 an hour, gas $.31 a gallon, average house
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In the year 1977, the inflation rate in the UK was at 15.8%. The cost of things such as a gallon of petrol was at 0.79 pounds and housing was at an estimate of ...
The comparison of purchasing power is normally affected by the inflation rates hence changing over the years. In 1977, the average house price was £13.6k ...
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