What Time Does Dollar General Close?


The hours for the Dollar General stores vary and what time it closes depends on the location. As of 2013 there are over 10,000 Dollar General stores in the United States. Dollar General was founded in 1939 and headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. For individual store hours one is advised to call the location.
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2941 Charles Town Rd, Kearneysville, WV
(304) 579-8987
5203 East Dr, Halethorpe, MD
(410) 737-3139
526 Middleway Pike, Inwood, WV
(304) 229-3013
12788 Old Fort Rd Ste D, Fort Washington, MD
(301) 203-7638
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Most Dollar General locations open at 8 a.m. Monday through Saturday. The stores open later on Sundays. ...
The Family Dollar Store is normally open until 9:00 PM. These times can differ between locations. Holiday and weekend hours may differ between locations as well. ...
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