What Time Does Fedex Deliver?


FedEx cannot give an exact delivery time as it depends on the shipping method and the destination. Normally, the deliveries will arrive during normal business hours but you can use your tracking number to get a better idea of when your package will arrive.
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The exact time that Fedex will deliver is unknown. Drivers do have a route that they follow. However, the time that they will get to a certain destination can vary due to the number of packages that must be delivered that day.
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On an average day in most parts of the US, FedEx stops delivering packages at 6:00 pm. During holiday periods, delivery periods are extended until later at night ...
A person should contact a local Fed Ex to determine if they deliver on Sunday. Usually, Fed Ex typically does not deliver on Holidays or Sundays as well. ...
UPS is a larger company globally than FedEx, and has a slightly higher percentage of packages delivered on time. While FedEx has a larger fleet of airplanes, UPS's ...
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