What Time Does Staples Close?


What time Staples close depends on the location and what day of the week it is. Most Staples stores close at either 9 pm or 10 pm.
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staples closes at 9pm on Mondays- Fridays they open at 8:00 in the morning. your very welcome for this real and accurate answer =D.
All Stap Sunday hours are 10AM-6PM. Monday-Friday hours vary.
Store hours can vary. Questions for Staples? 1-800-378-2753 They will be able to give you the hours.
Staples 354 Stratford Rd, Shirley Solihull, B90 3DN T:08708306141; Hours Mon-Fri: 08:00-20:00; Sat: 09:00-18:00; Sun: 10:30-16:30. report this answer. Updated on Sunday, February
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Staples - $$
21060 Southbank St, Sterling, VA
(703) 406-3270
Staples - $$
1019 Edwards Ferry Rd NE, Leesburg, VA
(703) 669-8199
Staples - $$
2545 Centreville Rd, Herndon, VA
(703) 713-0867
Staples - $$$
11620 Plaza America Dr, Reston, VA
(703) 481-6762
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