What Time Does the Blackwall Tunnel Closed?


The Blackwall tunnel was set for major refurbishment on its northbound section and was as a result due for overnight closure between 21:00 and 05:00 from Sunday to Friday until December 2012. During this period, traffic was to be diverted through the southbound tunnel. The tunnel did however re-open to full service on 11 November 2011 as works were finished more than a year ahead of schedule.
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The Blackwall tunnel closes on Sundays to Thursdays between 2100 and 0500 GMT. There are also intermittent closures on Friday nights. The tunnel has a long list of upgrades planned including aeration, replacing lights and perking up drainage which should be done by December 2012.
To know when the Blackwall tunnel closes, as it keeps changing you can listen to your traffic update or log onto http://www.londontraffic.org/blackwalltunnel/,it has all the timings of when and for how long the tunnel will be closed.
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Blackwall Tunnel is open until 9pm. There is no restrictions in place
The original Blackwall Tunnel is an early 19th century construction and it has a sharp double bend in it. You have to remember that present-day tunnel-boring technology bears little
do they? I never broke down in there, I must have been lucky
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