In what time zone is Panama City, Fla. located?


Panama City, Fla. is located in the Eastern Standard Time zone. In the United States, the Eastern Standard Time zone is the Greenwich Mean Time, or Universal Time, minus five hours.

There are four time zones in the continental United States. From east to west, they are Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific. Each time zone is measured as a variant of the GMT, which is measured from the Greenwich Meridian at England's Greenwich Observatory. Astronomers declared this to be the prime meridian at a conference held in 1884. The entire state of Florida is part of the Eastern time zone, although some states straddle two time zones.

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Panama City, Florida is located on the panhandle of northwest Florida in
1. Panama City has the Panama City Bay County International airport, which receives flights from most major airlines. Booking a round trip flight through a travel agent or an Internet
Panama City Beach in Florida is located in the central time zone. It's is currently 5:04pm there.
First of all - This sector is for Latin America travel - Panama City is in Florida USA - not in Latin America - The other answer is WRONG. Panama City Florida is in the Central Time
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