What Tire Sizes Are Interchangeable?


What tire sizes are interchangeable is difficult to figure out because not many are interchangeable. It will depend on the size of your rims. A car closely resembling or designed to your car will more likely be interchangeable. Tire sizes that have a similar size may be more interchangeable. 23570R16 will interchange with tire size 23555R17
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The numeric tire sizing system is the oldest in the United States. It is used for passenger car tires. When this system was used, tire aspect ratios were either 82 or 92. The aspect
Assuming you are using the same 17" wheels if you want to go with a 70 series tire then get 195/70-17. If you want to go with a 60 series tire then get a 235/60-17 which are
What is tire size aspect ratio? This is a frequently asked question for people who are confused about the numbers and letters tire size measurements. These measurements are typically
No, they will not fit. Source(s) I work in the tire industry.
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What Tire Sizes Are Interchangeable?
Tires sold in the United States must meet certain standards. They have to meet size standards for bead shape, diameter and width. The U.S. Tire and Rim Association and the European Tire and Rim Technical Organization also agree on other parameters of the... More »
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