Kidney Tissue?


Tissues that are in the kidney include: renal fascia, perirenal fat and renal capsule tissues. Renal fascia is also known as connective tissue and perirenal as adipose tissue. Renal capsule covers the kidney and support for inside soft tissues.
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Each kidney contains over a million functional units, called nephrons, in the
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The kidneys are composed of various types of epithelial tissue. - The proximal convulated tubule is made up of simple cuboidal epithelium; with microvilli. - The distal convulated
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The human kidney is made up of adipose tissue, which is made up of layers of fat. It is a connective tissue which serves as an energy reserve, a protector, and ...
Epithelial tissue ...
The kidney tubules are formed by the epithelial tissue. More specifically it is simple cuboidal epithelium tissue. The walls of the tubule is a single layer of ...
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