What to Clean Frosted Glass Doors with?


Any cleaning product designed to clean glass will clean frosted glass doors. If you are having difficulty removing the dirt with a cloth, use a small, slightly abrasive sponge or brush. Make sure the glass cleaner has penetrated all areas of the glass. For heavily soiled frosted glass, you may need several applications.
Q&A Related to "What to Clean Frosted Glass Doors with?"
1. Remove soap scum with whatever product you've had the most success with. Some swear by Arm & Hammer Scrub Free; others like the Bar Keepers Friend. 2. Remove hard water stains
If you have frosted/etched shower doors, don't EVER use CLR on them. It leaves white thick streaks that are not coming off with cleaner.
1. Apply a small amount of dishwashing detergent to the center of a Mr. Clean eraser. Ad. 2. Wipe it onto the soap scummy glass. 3. Use a wet towel to wipe off the soap. 4. Use a
Easy Off BAM will clean it in no time at all!
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