What should you do when your boyfriend ignores you?


If your boyfriend is ignoring you, recapture his attention by mirroring his behavior and giving him some distance in return, or explicitly ask him why he is ignoring you. Either solution will evoke a response that will encourage him to address the issue that is causing him to ignore you. Every relationship is different, so the right solution will depend on the situation at hand.

Making yourself unavailable to your boyfriend will make him notice a change in you, according to Cosmopolitan. This change will spark his curiosity, and make him more attentive to your needs. Cosmopolitan also warns that if you attempt to talk things out with your boyfriend, he may become defensive and come up with excuses about his behavior.

The best way to get to the root of why he is ignoring you is by taking action. The website How to Get Your Boyfriend Back recommends going out and enjoying your favorite activities or spending time with friends and family as a way to get your boyfriend's attention. The site states that if he sees you having fun, then he will want to share the good times with you. When trying to gain your boyfriends attention, do not display negative emotions that may push him further away. How to Get Your Boyfriend Back also recommends being strong and confident so that you don't appear needy or insecure.

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