What to Expect after Neutering a Dog?


Things to expect after neutering your dog is he should be able to go home with you the same day as the surgery, he may not be very hungry for a few days and the scrotum will be quite swollen. Any stitches will more than likely be removed in about a week and other than keeping the dog from getting to active too quickly, he should be just fine. Watch out for discharge and excessive discomfort.
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Keep the post-surgical pet away from other animals for at least five days after neutering, and discourage exercise. This prevents rough play that may hinder healing. Keep the pet
Recovery can depend on the typre of anesthesia used. Thay may be groggy for 12-24 hours. Limit activiy for 1-2 weeks, keep incision clean and dry. Keep the dog from licking/chewing
He'll be really drowsy the first day and will probably sleep most of the day. Then he'll be back to his normal bouncy self! You might want to get a cone just to be ready - my male
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Your dog might be a bit lethargic in the first day after surgery, but otherwise he will bounce right back and just be fine. Neutering a male dog is a relatively simple procedure and has no long lasting side effects. He will be his old self in no time.
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