What to Expect after Neutering a Dog?


Things to expect after neutering your dog is he should be able to go home with you the same day as the surgery, he may not be very hungry for a few days and the scrotum will be quite swollen. Any stitches will more than likely be removed in about a week and other than keeping the dog from getting to active too quickly, he should be just fine. Watch out for discharge and excessive discomfort.
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1. Follow the instructions of the veterinarian. She may have instructions specific to your dog. 2. Give your dog water only for the first day. Offer a portion of his normal meal,
Swelling and bruising (around tummy area) and lots of pain with urine and poo.
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I think there would be benefits only for people trained certified and equipped to breed. Otherwise, the potential costs could be very high.
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Your dog might be a bit lethargic in the first day after surgery, but otherwise he will bounce right back and just be fine. Neutering a male dog is a relatively simple procedure and has no long lasting side effects. He will be his old self in no time.
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