What should I write in a get-well card for a cancer patient?


The best thing to say in a get well card for a Cancer patient is that you are thinking of the person. Never give up is another thing to say. Just let the patient know how special they are.
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There are get well cards that express sentiments for almost any situation, including cancer. Some people may not send cards, because they fear saying the wrong thing. Retail cards
Anyone who it at risk for caner has a Wells score. The well score for a patient that has active cancer is >3. The doctors base this number after a series of questions.
When talking to and consoling a person with cancer, focus on being
Have you really got cancer? (because I didn't lose my hair and was putting on weight) I can't commit to you because should your health take a turn for the worse, I'm screwed (my fiance
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What to Say in a Get Well Card for a Cancer Patient
A cancer patient, whether he has just received a diagnosis or are in the process of treatment, usually appreciates cards sent by coworkers, friends and family. Someone who is in the hospital or confined to bed at home might get a physical and emotional... More »
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