What to Say on Funeral Flower Cards?


A funeral flower card is a type of card that is used to express condolences to the bereaved. There are various things that one can write on a funeral card, but it is important to note how you feel and what the person meant to you if you knew him closely.
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What Do I Say on a Card for Funeral Flowers?
Part of proper funeral etiquette is sending flowers to the family of the deceased, but your courtesy shouldn't stop with the blooms themselves. Some thoughtful comments in your card give you the opportunity to share your condolences and offer an anecdote... More »
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There are really no hard and fast rules on writing a condolense message. You need to write something from the heart. Some examples are 'With deepest sympathy from the A family', 'Our hearts are filled with sorrow. Rest in Peace Love from your brother and sister'
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