What to See in Bruges?


Bruges is in Belgium .To get to Bruges you can either use an aeroplanes there are around are five international airports in Belgium which pass through Bruges. Belgian Railways, Eurostar breaks and The Thalys are railway stations which have trains which travel to Bruges. There are also bus travel , car rentals and ferry travels to Bruges.
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Leisure activities to do in Bruges, Belgium include visiting famous museums and artefacts like Groeninge Museuen, Church of our lady, Bruges Diamond House, Antiques and Flea Market. You can also visit the beautiful parks like Boudewijn Theme Park and Dolfinarium.
Upon visiting Bruges in Belgium, you will directly notice that this city has always cherished its architectural and artistic treasures from the past. The strength of Bruges' museum collections is its great variety, from the Flemish primitives to modern art, from the classic 'fine arts' to archaeological excavations, furniture and silverware and so on. There are also several historical sites and monumental buildings.
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Must see is sort of more a case what do you concentrate on? Bruges IS the tourist attraction! Climb the spiral staircase of the Halletoren (Belfry) on the Market Square on a clear
- The Ice Sculpture Show should be on on the station square. It's a yearly thing. "ICE FANTASY has been built by a team of 40 international ice sculptors from 300 tons of crystal
I envy you. Have been living in Belgium for 6 years and loved it. Really miss it. Ok, Bruges is out of question in my opinion as you are going to rush it. Inside the airport I would
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