What to Take in High School for Archaeology?


Most high schools won't offer archaeology classes, but taking supplementary courses such as geology, geography and zoology may help. There are many great schools that can help you along the road to becoming an archaeologist. Among the highest rated in the United States are Boise State and Georgetown University.
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1. Start with the basics. Each high school requires specific courses be taken and passed before the student may graduate. These courses will reflect your state requirements as well
In order to be an underwater archaeologist you would need a minimum of an undergraduate degree in a suitable subject and a commercial diving certificate.
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What to Take in High School for Archaeology?
Prepare for a career in archaeology by taking classes in high school. Your school may not offer beginner archaeology classes or electives; but by studying some of the core subjects, you can get a jump start on your career path to becoming an... More »
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