What to Talk about on a Blind Date?


On a blind date, you can talk about yourself in general. Topic should include likes and dislikes, where you went to school or your family. This is because blind dates are mainly intended for common acquaintances.
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Discuss music, film, food, art, and recreation to see what his
Start with the obvious. Hello is a great way to greet someone. If she looks good, tell her so. Ask her how she is doing, and let your curiosity guide you. You don't know this person
the same sort of thing. A blind date is no different to any other except you have never spoken/met this person so yes there is a high chance that you will be more nervous than usual
Here are few topics that might come up during a date: Work (what you do, how you like it, how long you've been there, etc.) School (subjects you like, teachers, school activities
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What to Talk About on a Blind Date
On a blind date, sometimes it's helpful to talk about the people who arranged the date, to listen to the other person and to make evaluations. Blind dates are about getting to know another person, so start a date with common ground conversations by... More »
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