What to Talk about on a Blind Date?


On a blind date, you can talk about yourself in general. Topic should include likes and dislikes, where you went to school or your family. This is because blind dates are mainly intended for common acquaintances.
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1. Let your kid know exactly what you want to talk about. Don't come at him like you are lecturing him, or you will push him away. Start with a question about his dating life. 2.
talk about your morals, interest, school, work, family, etc. i suggest not to bring up anything about past relationships. its never a good idea.
1 Find the right time and place. This is a pretty important discussion, and as such, you'll need to find the right time and place to talk about this with your teenager. Trying to
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What to Talk About on a Blind Date
On a blind date, sometimes it's helpful to talk about the people who arranged the date, to listen to the other person and to make evaluations. Blind dates are about getting to know another person, so start a date with common ground conversations by... More »
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