What to Wear under Cap and Gown?


You can wear pretty much anything under a cap and gown. Some females choose to wear a dress with stylish shoes. Males can wear dress pants and a button down shirt.
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Girls and women who are graduating have several options for what to wear beneath a cap and gown. A nice dress is always appropriate. It should be a dress that fits the dignity of
try a nice button up shirt with dress pants. you dont want to be too casual and the gown doesnt go up to your neck so a button up will be perfect. feel special and congratulations.
You could wear a funny tee shirt! Just make sure it is
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What to Wear Under a Cap & Gown
When you graduate, you might wonder what you should wear beneath your cap and gown. Try not to choose the wrong outfit because chances are your family, friends and other graduates will see you without your gown on at some point. Commencement is a... More »
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