What Turns Girls off?


There are several things that can be a turn off for a girl such as being oversensitive, having an insecure personality, being touchy and being an overenthusiastic sports fan. Other turn offs are being cocky, boring and dumb.
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Whether you're mistaking cockiness for confidence or just being outright rude, whoever told you girls like guys with bad attitudes told you wrong. There's a difference between playing
Just things that are gross. A great way to tell is think before you do something, where are you rushing to if your toghether?
Not me, I think its hot. It also presents kind of a wild side, willing to take some risks kinda attitude. Well, that is if she is nicely dressed and can hold herself well. Embed
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What Are Turn-offs for Girls?
When you meet a girl and are eager to get to know her, you might devise a plan to get and keep her attention in hopes that you two can go out sometime. What you may not know is that before you get too far into a conversation with her, she's likely to... More »
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