What Two Elements Make Sand?


Depending on the local conditions and rock sources nearby, the composition of sand can vary greatly, but the most common constitutes of sand are silicon and oxygen. Silicon and oxygen form to make silica, or silicon dioxide (SiO2), and are usually found in the form of quartz. The second most common form of sand is calcium carbonate which has mostly been created, over the past half billion years, by various forms of life. It is the primary form of sand in areas where reefs have dominated the ecosystem for millions of years, for example, the Caribbean.
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Silicon and oxygen are the two elements that combine together to make sand. Thanks for
Silicon. SiO2 is the chemical formula. You can find more out about this very easily. There is plenty of info on the internet.
Rain is composed of water molecules made up of hydrogen and oxygen. Each water molecule contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The hydrogen atoms have two electrons and
Iron(Fe) and sulphur (S) are two such elements. You can separate a mixture of the two by using a magnet to draw out the iron or shake the mixture with carbon disulphide to dissolve
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Molecular formula of the Sand is SiO2. It consist of one Silicon atom & two Oxygen atoms. Hence Silicon & Oxygen elements make the sand.
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